Weekly Reflection

ChildAid helped them smile.

Each week we post a scripture or a quotation we have come across during the week, or a simple prayer that we have reflected upon or that has spoken to us in some way. It may be specific to the needs of our partners or the children, or indeed a request from any of our supporters.

You may wish to use our thoughts or reflections in your prayers for the forgotten children of Eastern Europe. 

For this week there is not a specific passage we have reflected upon, however, what we have been reading has caused us great distress. The situation in Ukraine is getting dramatically worse. With elections in all but the “disputed” areas over the weekend the news is not heartening. Churches of virtually all types are under increased attack – and yes it is as much to say that there are modern martyrs in the region. Individuals who speak out, or try to help an “opposing” group are being attacked and victimised. With the horrors of Ebola, the tragedy in Canada, the war of words to and from the EU, and any number of other news headlines the crisis in Ukraine and the plight of innocent victims is going unnoticed. We must pray for the region and the people … and we have no shame in saying that we must send financial support which will get to where it is needed most (ChildAid’s EUREKA appeal)

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We value your prayers as they mean so much to our partners and ourselves giving us all the strength to serve the children and God.

Specific prayer items are contained within editions of ChildAid Matters >>.


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